Where to Put Your robots.txt file?

The robots.txt generator is a special kind of tool that can be used to generate or produce a robots.txt file which can be an immense help to you running your own website. The robots.txt file works like an automatic lock for your website because it will indicate to the visitors of your website which pages in your site that have access to and which ones they do not have access into.

Because of that, you can protect your website by preventing yourself from getting penalized for posting duplicate contents, in case you have two page versions one for viewing and one for printing. The robots.txt file can also help you protect several information contained in your site that you normally would not want other people from having accessed into.

robots.txt generator

Now, you know what the robots.txt file and its importance is, you should know how to use it. Since the robots.txt generator can help you with that, your only dilemma is to know where to put that robots.txt file in your website. Fortunately, that is the focus of this article. here, you will know where to place the robots.txt file so that it can be successful in targeting which pages web crawlers can index and which ones they cannot.

Automatically, upon arriving at your website, web crawlers like search engines, the Google bot, and the Facebook web crawler called the Face bot, already know how to look for the robots.txt file in order to know the itinerary or the directions for crawling a website. However, it is important for you to note that they will only look at one specific place in your website and that is the main directory of your site, which can be your homepage or your root domain. This implies that web crawlers will not conduct a thorough search of your site by scanning all the folders and subfolders just to look for the robots.txt file.

For instance, if a web crawler visits your website and then does not find the robots.txt file in your root domain or homepage URL, then it will automatically assume that you do not have one. It will then proceed on with crawling your website, visiting your webpages and perhaps your entire folders and subfolders.

So if you indeed have a robots.txt file located in one of your other folders, then if the web crawler was not able to find it, it will continue to index your web pages without restrictions. So the best recommendation would be to put your robots.txt file in the root domain of your webpage or in its main directory so that it can easily be found by web crawlers.

To create a robots.txt file, if you do not have sufficient knowledge in doing so, then the best thing to do is to use the robots.txt generator to produce one that you can use.