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The one with the wound with the aid of the sword who lived is jesus christ, the image positioned up by using constantine. His decrees forcing human beings to worship this so-referred to as son of god have survived in conjunction with those ordering demise to anyone who does now not comply. “and he had power to give lifestyles unto the picture of the beast, that the photograph of the beast must each talk, and motive that as many as might not worship the image of the beast must be killed.” revelation thirteen:15

The emperor built the vatican and remained as hold forth maximus until his death, that means that he and his successors ‘spoke’ for the photo until later whilst the primary pope turned into appointed within the seventh cad and took over the function.

Constantine also altered the time of midday (previously sunrise) to midday that allows you to avoid war with the subculture of easter crucifixions.

There by no means turned into a jesus christ and jerome compiled and partly wrote the new testomony on the stop of the 4th cad. These are historical information and he wrote in his letters of changing the old testament to conform with it.

Good friday

This changed into one in all dozens of visions given to me after i was commissioned to take god off the cross. With reminiscence of my reincarnation and passage from one existence to the following it’s far given to me to realize that god was in no way on a cross.

The only people think of as god turned into invented via constantine when he hooked up the roman catholic church in 325ad on the council of nicaea.
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This is supported by means of prophecies in the old testament, inclusive of this: “i’ve brought upon them against the young guys a spoiler at noonday.” jeremiah 15:eight