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They came. They Sawed. by John Bloom
In 1973 a ragtag organization of Texans created a film so violent and visionary that it bowled over the sector
The Making of Pulp Fiction by way of Mark Seal
How did a excessive-faculty dropout and previous video-keep clerk, trade the face of contemporary cinema?
on the Set of Apocalypse Now through Maureen Orth
It changed into the center of the day Latest Movie within the steamy Philippine jungle and the solar became merciless…
The Godfather Wars by means of Mark Seal
How the clash of Hollywood sharks, Mafia kingpins, and cinematic geniuses fashioned a Hollywood masterpiece…
The Cult of Jurassic Park by means of Bryan Curtis
The weird and obsessive subculture of a 90s traditional
Raiders of the lost backyard by means of Jim Windolf
The remarkable adventure of two children who decided to remake Indiana Jones
FX Porn via David Foster Wallace
The inverse relationship between the amount of special effects in a movie and the fine of its tale
Flick Chicks through Mindy Kaling
A guide to ladies in the movies
addicted to pace through James Gleick
irrespective of how fast a movie goes in recent times, it isn’t rapid sufficient
Rain is sizzling Bacon via Jordan Kisner
The artwork of sound in movies
The movie Set That Ate Itself by means of Michael Idov
A Ukrainian town, a forged of hundreds, and a totalitarian society wherein the cameras are constantly rolling and the actors by no means move domestic